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Batumi - Medicare Love

Batumi - Medicare Love

During the walk-in Batumi, you can run in many cafes or restaurants without planning yourself, because some of them are cultural heritage status buildings, which had previously bestowed on the people, the history and the least imagination required, local wine and khachapuri or any of the Italian paste on pizza testing a hundred, or a parallel connection to find the city of centuries ago.

Work in love and be deaf to praise and rebuke," says Giuseppe Moscati, an Italian physician sanctified by the Roman Catholic Church, who never received money from the medical treatment of the poor, and especially helped those in need with medicines and food.

Plato Gigineishvili, Batumi's most beloved and respected physician, lived at 43 Memed Abashidze Street, 1910-1949. Like his colleague Giuseppe, he was paying for the poor patients themselves. If the prescription was written in green, it would be a sign to the pharmacy that by the end of the month, he would be updating his salary and correcting the account.

One morning, overseas visitors strangled by unusual activity watched in amazement and admiration for city dwellers, who had been lifting a large number of cobblestones from Maria's Prospect so as not to disturb the angry Doctor Wheelchair noise.

A lab was also located in the house. The typical example of a townhouse was completed in 1892 by an unknown Italian architect. The build date is still engraved on the gate to the courtyard.

Probably already guessed, the address why we offered the Italian and Georgian dishes and I think it does not harm living in different countries. To the honor of the doctors and for your family and friends’ health, drink a toast, but for the outstanding Georgian wine, because Georgian wine itself is the Medicine.

Be Healthy, Live with Love, and Travel a Lot!