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Citizens of Russia can get to Georgia by aerial, land and sea transport.

Russian citizens can arrive by air in Batumi Airport, where several airlines carry out flights, particularly "Siberian Airlines» and «Georgian Airways».

"Siberia Airlines" mainly fulfill their flights during the summer. The price of one-way ticket - 450 Gel, and «Georgian Airways» carries out regular flights Batumi-Moscow. The ticket price in one direction is 550 Gel.

At this time from Batumi Airport flights towards Russia don’t complies. Flights will resume in April and be carried out "Siberian Airlines» (S7).

During the summer season Ural Airlines adds the following flights: Batumi - Moscow (three times a week) and Batumi - Leningrad (twice a week).

Contacts of Siberia Airlines and Georgian Airways:

  • Siberia Airlines: +995 577 450 015 / 555 691 134
  • Georgian Airways: +995 593 180 404 / +995 599 323 212 / +995 599 376 600

Russian citizens can arrive in Kutaisi Airport by Ural Airlines, which perform regular flights Moscow-Kutaisi once a week . The price of one-way ticket - 315 Gel. (

Arrive in Tbilisi Airport by the flights of the following airlines:

  • "Ural Airlines": The price of one-way ticket - 315 Gel. (
  • "Siberia Airlines": The price of one-way ticket - 350 Gel.(
  • «Georgian Airways»: The price of one-way ticket - 500 Gel. (
  • "Aeroflot", which operates regular flights Tbilisi-Moscow. The price of one-way ticket - 350 Gel. (
  • Some of the airline operates daily flights, and the other several times a week.

From Russia to Georgia arrival is also possible by the land, particularly by bus, which operates runs to different cities of Russia: Rostov, Moscow, Stavropol, Krasnodar. Flights perform various agencies: "Ltd. Mgzavrta Momsahurebis Saagento", Ltd "Ika ", as well as a private person.

As for sea transport, passengers can arrive by comet Batumi-Sochi, which will perform a trip every Thursday.

"Express Batumi" - Tel: +995 (593) 33 39 66