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''50 recipes''- a program about Ajarian cuisine

''50 recipes''- a program about Ajarian cuisine

Belorussian popular TV program “50 recipes” introduced Ajarian cuisine and tourism potential nearly to 8 million viewers. Four extensive programs dedicated to Ajarian dishes, folklore and tourism products were on the air of “Belarus 1” in January.

To better demonstrate the region’s tourist sights, the format of the program was changed. It was recorded in Batumi streets and different tourist places instead of a studio. During the program, presenters – Marina Kondratyeva and Dmitri Kipen, travel around Ajara and teach how to prepare different Ajarian dishes and, at the same time, tell stories about tourist attractions, products and places.

The program “50 recipes” is available on the following link:
Program 1   Program 2    Program 3     Program 4