Diversity of nature

Diversity of nature

All parts of Georgia are interesting, but Adjara is place with the sea, the mountains, interesting traditions and a lot of other reasons why you should visit this region.

Adjara is part of the ancient Kingdom of Colchis, the place where every monument hides history behind it. If you like to read the history in monuments or artefacts, then Adjara should find its spot on your list of the world’s must-see places.

Adjara is the place of new rendezvous where you can have fun and leisure at any time of the year. Adjara has many places to see and discover, especially when you visit for the first time. However, please keep in mind one thing - you want to come back here again.

Adjara is home to remarkable flora and fauna. Its terraced subtropical forests and their inhabitants, sand dunes, beautiful lakes, the sea and the mountains that stand close to the sky - put you in harmony with nature.

Adjara offers diversity of colors, where you discover it – in someone else’s eyes, on the facade of a historical building or colorful doors of Batumi - is entirely up to you. What matters most is to enjoy these discoveries.

For all these, you need one thing – Travel in Adjara!