About 160 guides have been trained during the last two years

About 160 guides have been trained during the last two years

The guide trainings, in the framework of the Tourism Development School, have finished. This year, about 60 active and new guides were trained by the Tourism Department on Keda and Machakhela routes.

During the theoretical-practical course the guides studied all tourist routes and got information about tourist attractions, products and services. Apart from the field practice, they got acquainted with ethnography, history, tour guiding, Georgian folklore, psychology, first aid skills and architecture.  

The Batumi, Keda and Machakhela tours are the most demandable in Adjara. Batumi tourist route involves city attractions, the Noble Brothers Technological Museum, the Ethnographic and Archeological museums, Botanical Garden and Gonio Fortress. Keda Wine Route includes visiting Vaio village, the First May, Dandalo and the Gegelidzes’ wine cellars, various guest houses and Adjara Wine House. As for Machakhela route, it contains Machakhela National Park and the Gun Road.

In the last two years, The Tourism Department together with the Tourism Product Development Agency have trained about 160 acting and new guides. At this stage, in the database of the Tourism Department, there are basically Russian and English speaking guides working in the direction of the protected areas, Keda Wine route, Mountainous Adjara, Machakhela Gun Road and Batumi tourist routes.

The Tourism Department will continue guide trainings in 2019, in the framework of the Tourism Development School.