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The small town’s Theatrical life

The small town’s Theatrical life

If you are a theater lover, in the central part of the city you will easily notice the classical style, the large-scale, pompous building of the twentieth-century, the pillars of which were designed by the artist and architect of Batumi. This information has been provided to you so that you will not be surprised to hear the sound of the subconscious here. It all adds up to a place of endearing charm that can easily be seen as a means of love, adventure, and devotion.

If you are not interested in theatrical life and therefore have not chosen a favorite play, I will draw your attention to King Oedipus, as I am deeply convinced that at least Sophocles, Seneca, Euclid, and Euripides will at least keep a close eye on the building. The play is a myth, but the actress was a fabulous reality, with the director saying: "If you have Yusuf Kabaladze, neither the director nor the theater wants anything more, a spectator is already conquered forever."

If the stone building at No. 1 Rustaveli Street can't get you to the heart move on of the tree-lined Boulevard, you'll also find the added benefit of walking in the seaside park and taking a stunningly beautiful photo of the city.

In the end, I will give you another address. Where all the dreams and wishes come true, where the abundant princes and princesses have a settlement. This is the fifty-nine of Memed Abashidze Street where the Puppet and Teen Theater has been housed since 1936.

Having read this information to the end, I'm sure you will go to all three theaters and of course you deserve heartfelt applause because the main role is yours today!