Distance from Batumi: 25 km
Height above sea level: 350 meters
Best time to visit: Summer, Autumn.

Chakvistavi Village is built on the banks of Chakvistavi River and is fully surrounded by Mtirala National Park; Heading from Kobuleti to Chakvistavi by Batumi Highway, 5 km from Kobuleti and 25 km to Chakvistavi, there is a Petra Fortress. On the road from Kobuleti to center of Chakvistavi Village one will meet restaurant Champion. In Chakvistavi you will see Information Centre of Mtirala National Park, where tourists can get the entire information on the Park. On the road to Mtirala, in the centre of Chakvi Settlement, you can visit the Honey House and degustate the local honey.

Mtirala National Park is the most humid spot in the Eastern Europe. The first tourist route in Mtirala National Park starts from the Visitor Center. The path follows the left bank of Chakvistavi River, walking it one can see the red-listed representatives of Colchic flora and fauna: marten, fox, mountain eagle, hawk, brown bear, thrush, pigeon, Georgian walnut, Colchian hazelnut. Approximately 2 km away from the Visitor's Centre, the picnic place is arranged – plateau surrounded by the sycamores; walking just 400 meters to the south-west from this spot will bring the tourists to the 12-meter-high waterfall decorated by the boxwood and ivy. Some 1000 meters away from this waterfall, one can see the clear river flowing among the rocks, which soon transforms into the mountain lake full of trout. There are many picnic and tenting places around the lake. The path connecting the Lake with the Visitors' Center will bring the tourists to the ruins of the old abandoned settlement. It is possible to arrange water, ethnological, ecological and birdwatching tours to Mtirala Mountain.
Activities: Learn the traditional activities of gardening and vegetable growing, hiking, camping, cooking local dishes, cycling, horse-riding, visiting historical and cultural sites, hunting, fishing, wine making and vodka brewing (seasonal).

Transportation: mini Bus "Batumi-Chakvistavi" leaves from Batumi bus station on Mondays and on Friday at 16:00. Price - 3 GEL.
It is also possible to take a mini bus "Batumi-Kobuleti"/"Batumi-Chakvi" to the center of Chakvi then you can take a taxi (average price 30-40 GEL).
Mini bus "Batumi-Kobuleti"/"Batumi-Chakvi" leaves from Catholics Church (from Baku and Shavsheti str. Cross) every day, in every 30 minute. Price - 1 GEL.