Distance from Batumi: 17 km
Best time to visit: Spring, Summer, Autumn

Tsikhisdziri resort is located 17 km north of Batumi, 60-90 meters above sea level.
The main attraction of Tsikhisdziri is its unique mixture of sea and mountain climates. Summers are rather cool and winters are relatively warm in comparison with Batumi or Makhinjauri.
The territory has been settled since ancient times. It used to be a historical city-fortress in western Georgia, namely of the Egrisi Kingdom, due to its military strategic and economically favorable location. In the VI century AD, Byzantine Emperor Justinian built the city of Petra. A narrow coastal road passed through the city territory connecting western Georgian to Byzantium, Iran and Armenia.
Many rest houses, restaurants and cafes are located throughout the green slopes and beautiful parks and gardens of Tsikhisdziri. The beach is comfortable and boat rentals are available.