Georgian Wine

Georgian Wine

The history of Georgian people, its culture and a lifestyle is expressed in Georgian wine and is considered as the secret of hospitality, friendship, respect and longevity.

Adjara is interesting for wine tourism opportunities. This hospitable part of Georgia is visited by many for wine tasting. Wine-making and viticulture have the 8000-year history in Georgia. UNESCO declared Georgian tradition of wine distillation in Qvevri (a special clay vessel) as a monument of intangible cultural heritage.

Adjara takes the worthy place in establishment of ancient traditions of winemaking. In this small area (2.9 thousand. The sq.km) created and approved more than 40 varieties of grapes.

Adjara has one of the longest lasting traditions of winemaking in western Georgia. the upper bound of a vineyard extends at the height of 1.200 m above sea level. The craft is particularly well developed in Qeda municipality which boasts its unique types of wine such as ‘Qeda Tsolikauri’, and ‘Chkhaveri’. These wine sorts are made so that you could drink special toasts with them.