Batumi Botanical Garden

Batumi Botanical Garden

Michael D’alfons was the first to introduce new plant species in Adjara which he started in 1881 in order to embellish his garden nearby Chakvi.

Later, in 1892, a geographer, botanist and traveller Pavel Tatarinov created a so-called acclimatisation garden on Batumi shoreline which is known as the Upper Garden of Batumi Botanical nowadays.

In 1912, the professor Andrej Krasnov from Kharkov University founded the Botanical garden itself. It is located only 9 km away from Batumi city, between Chakvistavi river and Green Cape. The garden occupies about 1 km of the coastline and grows 0-220 m above sea level.

Once this territory was covered by Colchian forests, abundant with redwood, chestnut, Tilia Caucasica,

cherry laurel and rhododendron trees.

From 2,037 hardwood species in the garden, 104 is endemic Caucasian and 1,540 is introduced. These plants are grouped according to their origin in 9 phytogeographic sections, including Australian, New Zealand, East Asia, Himalaya, North America, Mexico, South America, Mediterranean and Caucasus subtropical sections.

Batumi Botanical Garden is the board member of Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI). It is also connected with over 140 botanical gardens from around the world, as well as the universities and research centres.