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Ski resort “Goderdzi” Ski resort “Goderdzi” Ski resort “Goderdzi” Ski resort “Goderdzi” Ski resort “Goderdzi”
Ski resort “Goderdzi” Ski resort “Goderdzi” Ski resort “Goderdzi” Ski resort “Goderdzi” Ski resort “Goderdzi”


Location: Ajara, Batumi
Distance from Batumi: 106 km
Distance from Khulo: 25 km
Height above sea level: 1700 m
Maximum height above sea level: 2350 m
Total length of ski runs: 8 km
Route type: car, 4X4
Season: December-April
Cellular network coverage: full


The winter is a great time for visiting Ajara. Just 110km from Batumi lies the picturesque resort of Goderdzi. It is located in Khulo municipality, at 2350 meters above sea level.
Snow-covered fields, coniferous forests, skiing, cable car and fresh, crisp air from the Alps. Maybe this is what you've been dreaming about all year?

Goderdzi is an ideal place for skiing. The total length of the ski roads here is 8 kilometers. If you like to ski in untracked snow, you will have the opportunity to do so. If you are a beginner - on the spot, at the sports school that opens this year, you can see an instructor and add an unforgettable impression to your winter trip - skiing on Goderdzi. Here it is possible to rent skis, sledges and snowboards.

Goderdzi stands out among the other Georgian resorts for an abundance of snow. The ski season here generally starts in November and lasts 6 months. Beautiful snow-covered ridges of Goderdzi attract both experienced skiers and fans of winter nature.

Who is Goderdzi perfect for? - It can be said for everyone who likes to enjoy snowy landscapes in winter, breathe deep fresh air and have a good time in the evenings, sip hot mulled wine or watch big snowflakes falling from the sky from the window of a warm room, i.e. for families, friends, lovers, you, me...

There are hotels, cottages and guesthouses in the resort, the choice is yours.
Food here deserves a separate mention. All products are natural and ecologically clean, and the two main ingredients of mountain Adjara cuisine - cheese and butter - have a completely different taste here. Oh, and don't forget to taste kaimaghi, don't be afraid of calories, you really need energy in the mountains. If you prefer European cuisine, it's up to you. There is a "Barbecue Bar" in Goderdzi, which is a part of "Sky Lounge", and guests are able to taste Georgian and European cuisine.



Resort Goderdzi is the best place for skiing lovers. Visitors also have the opportunity to organize various activities: hiking, both in the alpine and forest areas, horse riding and cycling, tasting healing-mineral waters, visiting the Green Lake or the X-XI century historical monument, Khikhani Castle. The Beshumi resort is located nearby, which is very popular among tourists.


There is an 8-kilometer ski track operating at the Goderdzi resort. 200-meter bigel and 80-meter "MAGIC CARPET". Here you can rent skis, skates and snowmobiles, as well as sledges and skis for children. Godedzi resort has restaurants and hotels that host visitors at any time. In the restaurants you can taste traditional and foreign dishes, and the hotels offer the visitors a pool, spa, massage and the best class services.

How to get there

Public transport:

• Batumi - Khulo: 09:00 - 18:00. (every hour) price 7 GEL

• Batumi - Danisparauli every day: 11:15 / 15:10. Price: 10 GEL Khulo-Danisparauli every day: 13:00 min.

• From Danisparauli - in the direction of Batumi - 08:30 / 15:30 min







Ski resort “Goderdzi”

Ski resort “Goderdzi''