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Tourist route at Green Lake

The lake called Green Lake (Mtsvane Tba) is located opposite Goderdzi Pass in Zemo Ajara. Lake is stuck between huge mountains and is surrounded by spruce and beeches. Lake is nourished by its underground springs.  The main sights are Ajarian yailas on the way (summer temporary shelters for shepherds) and breathtaking views.

Distance from Batumi: 120 km.

How to reach

Route of the Green Lake begins at north and runs along the alpine meadows and dividing border of the forest. It can be passed by off-road cars (4x4). We come across crossroad after passing 6 km; the pedestrian path at right leads to the Green Lake, the road leads to the Green Lake too.

Mini bus from Batumi to Khulo: every hour – price 5 GEL.

It’s possible to rent an off-road (4 x 4) car in Khulo.

Price: 120-150 GEL. 150 GEL – to rent car for the whole day.

Accommodation: it’s possible to camp around Green Lake, also at Goderdzi Pass and resort Beshumi.

1. Beshumi

Price: 15-25 GEL price per person in the cottages of Beshumi.

Contact: 577 35 50 94 Temuri Kedelidze

2. Hotel Meteo at Goderdzi Pass

Price: standard room 40-60 GEL, luxe – 100-150 GEL

Contact: 598 09 50 16 Zuriko Shantadze


Tourist route at Green Lake

Tourist route at Green Lake