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Khulo Professlonal Drama Theatre

In 2017 Khulo Professional Drama Theatre celebrated 80 years after its establishment. If we look into the background, we will discover that a theatre and spreading Georgian word from its stage in the highlands of Adjara was an important mission. The history of this theatre goes back to 1925 and is closely linked to the name of Georgian cinematographer, Siko Dolidze. It was under hissupervision that enthusiasts started to perform in Khulo. Then came a drama troupe, later a public theatre followed which mainly fed offGeorgian dramaturgy. The theatre acquired the status of state drama institution in 1992. In 2016 Khulo Theatre performed in Athens (Greece) and in summer 2017 presented the play ‘Anti-Antigone’ on the Poti International Festival for Regional Theatres.


Khulo Professlonal Drama Theatre