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12 symbolic places to take the best photos in Batumi

12 symbolic places to take the best photos in Batumi

Are you in Batumi and do not know where to take photos? We got you. There are many places on the sea, lake and green boulevard, where the best shots can be taken that show not only how good you look, but how good you look in front of beautiful Batumi background. That’s why we’ll show you places, photos of which will grant you hundreds and thousands of likes on your social web accounts.

Photo with Kupata

Kupata is a world famous dog from Batumi. This white, black-eared dog accompanies children on Meliqishvili street zebra crossing, near the Central Park entrance and stops the moving cars with his barking, so that children can cross the street safely. Kupata became famous after the videos of him with children were taken and spread throughout the net. A while ago Kupata was painted on the wall of Memed Aabashidze street building.

This is where you can take a perfect photo or a selfie. There’s a big chance of meeting the real Kupata in the street as well and in addition you can take a photo with him too.

Batumi Dolphinarium

A selfie in front of a “flying” dolphin will take an honorable place in your photo gallery. We recommend you not to miss this opportunity, visit the Batumi Dolphinarium, attend the show and definitely take photos.

A female pilot statue

Another good choice for your photos is at the Central Park entrance, with the female statue.

It is said in Batumi that this is the monument of Fadiko Gogitidze, the first female pilot from Adjara, who died at the age of 24 during a test flight in Batumi, on the territory of the former airfield. There is a street in Batumi named after her as well.

The statue of the first flying woman definitely deserves to be taken photo of. In a good weather, this vividly bright white statue looks amazing against the blue sky.

Europe Square

It is impossible to be in Batumi and not take a photo against the background of Europe Square.

This place is always boasting with people, children are riding bicycles, skating, playing in the fountain, the adults resting nearby… Here is also a pharmacy # 1 Old building, McDonald's and Medea's monument. In the past Maria, now Memed Abashidze Avenue is one of the most beautiful and authentically preserved streets in Batumi.

Ali and Nino

Reconciliations, distances, meetings and going far... The statue of Ali and Nino is like love - it consists of all this. The mobile sculpture of Georgian sculptor Tamar Kvesitadze stands near the boulevard and the port. Ali and Nino are the characters in the novel of the same name by the Azerbaijani author Kurban Said: the work tells the love story of Azerbaijani-Muslim Ali Khan Shirvanshire and Georgian Nino Kipiani. The action takes place in the Caucasus and Iran, developing in the background of the First World War.

The photo in this place shows your friends that you are resting in Batumi. If you are in love, a shot taken against the background of Ali and Nino can also be a message. It depends how you capture the pair, together or at the moment of separation.

Monument to D’Alphonse

In the Old Boulevard, in an honorable place hidden in the green, stands a statue of a man with a cylinder and a cane. Or rather sits and next to it, there is a place for another person at the round table, waiting for you to take a photo with.

This man is Michael D’Alphonse, a famous French gardener, whose contribution to the development of Batumi Boulevard is invaluable. He brought in lots of exotic plants and turned a once impassable coastline into a blissful place. The city still remembers the name of the gardener.


The white colonnades of the boulevard are a kind of a visit card of the city. The project of the colonnades was brought from Italy by a doctor from Batumi, Ivane Mchedlidze with the help of Maxim Gorky, in 1930. The construction works were carried out by an honored architect of Georgia Bogdan Kirakosyan.

The colonnade was built in 1934, with a mosaic inscription on it. From here you can see the sea, hidden in the evenly planted greenery and it’s the perfect place for taking photos. Don’t miss this place - the white colonnades, the palms, the meeting of the sky and the sea on the horizon and you with background of it all!

Street art on the University wall

While in Batumi, you’ll probably take photos by the sea without our reminder, but you may find it difficult to take pictures at sea for the simple reason that there’s a less chance of having a waterproof smartphone.

We suggest taking beautiful shots with this girl painted on the huge wall of the university on Rustaveli Street.

If someone surveys the photos taken in Batumi, this place will definitely be in the top ten by popularity.

Old door in the old part of Batumi

This is a typical, old door of a Batumi house from the historic district. You will meet such only in the old part of the city and it is a very good place to take a selfie. Of course, don’t forget to tag the place after that.

“The Octopus”

Cafe "Fantasy" in Batumi Boulevard, also called "Octopus", has been operating since the 70s of the last century. A colorful building depicting the sea world, covered with mosaics, was created according to the sketch of architect Giorgi Chakhava and artist Zurab Kapanadze.

“Octopus” is a survived visit card of Batumi. In 2014, they were going to demolish the cafe "Fantasy", Hotel Hilton was to have two pools in its place. It is the result of the attempts of Batumi activists and cultural heritage defenders that this fabulous building still stands in Batumi Boulevard. Here in the evenings the fountains are turned on and you get to eat an ice cream, served with exactly the same three-legged silver plates as in your childhood, 20/25 years ago. How can you pass this place without taking a photo with?

“I love you”

There may be someone in your life to whom you’d address these words, so don’t wait and head to №13 Mazniashvili Street, where you’ll find a wall with an “I love you” phrase written many times on it. If there is no one around you to send such photo to, we recommend you still have a similar shot saved somewhere on your smartphone, who knows when what will happen.

Sunset at the sea

A photo with the background of sunset is in the digital photo gallery of almost all the people who have rested at sea at least once. And why not? The photo shows that you’re relaxing on the beach, you’re tanned and happy, have wonderful plans for the evening and are enjoying the view of the setting sun at the sea.

Of course, you can stand as if you’re “holding the sun” J