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Journalists from the Great Britain, Poland and Israel are visiting Adjara

Journalists from the Great Britain, Poland and Israel are visiting Adjara

Tourist companies from target countries continue visiting Adjara. This time, our region hosts the representatives of Estonian tourist companies. Today, they have attended the presentation about tourism potential of Adjara after which they have held business meetings with the local tourist agencies. Estonian guests are going to see Batumi tourist attractions (including Botanical Garden and mountainous Adjara) and hotel infrastructure today.

“Estonia is an important target country, where the popularization of our region has been going on for the last three years. As a result, we have a growing number of international visitors from Estonia (88% increase last year). This year, we are going to have charter flights from the capital of Estonia that once again proves the growth of interest in our region. Besides Estonia, Lithuania is also going to launch charter flights to Batumi, which is especially important in terms of attracting European tourists to the region. To stimulate international tourism, we actively invite leading media vehicles and tourist companies from target countries. Only in the May-June period, we are planning to have about 15info-media tours. In total, during the last two years our region hosted more than 1000 journalists and tourist agents from about 25 countries”, says the head of the Adjara Tourism Department, Sulkhan Ghlonti.

Apart from Estonian info-tour, Adjara is hosting journalists from Belorussia, who are preparing reports about Adjara tourism products. At the invitation of the Adjara Tourism Department, during the current month, the region will be visited by the journalists from Poland, Great Britain and Israel.