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Batumi is in foreign media spotlight

Batumi is in foreign media spotlight

Batumi, as a safe tourism destination, has attracted the attention of foreign media. Emerging Europe, Forbes, Interfax, Travel News, Where Minsk are among more than 40 media outlets, where for past two weeks news articles have been published about Batumi and Georgia in general, for its readiness to host tourists. Journalists focus on Georgia’s accomplishments about the fight with Covid-19 and about events upon tourism opening as well as tourism opportunities and products of Batumi as a safe, green zone.

“This year, your travel choices may be limited, but Georgia and its Black Sea pearl – Batumi is open for business and visitors.” – writes the popular international publication Emerging Europe, whose journalist urges readers to rest in Adjara. According to the author of the article, the Chairman of the Government of Adjara did his best to renew tourism in the region and to make Batumi the first “Green Zone” in Georgia. Forbes also talks about the variety of tourist products of the region “Batumi, Adjara will be the first destination, where tourists can rest. The sea, the mountains, protected areas and different types of tourism gathered in one region, awaits them here”. Number of similar articles are being published for the second week in a row, in the media of Israel, Poland, Latvia and about 10 target countries.

“Now, it is especially important to position our country and the region as a safe tourist destination worldwide. The fact that for past two weeks, on a daily basis, articles have been published about Batumi and Georgia in general, serves as the formation of a positive image and once again underlines the advantage of our country as a safe tourist destination in the existing competitive environment. If until now, our priority was to promote the diversity of our tourism products and services, now the main focus has been made on security. On the next stage of pandemic, for travelers, the main thing along with the available products is their safety and health. In this regard, we can really be proud,” said the Chairman of the Department of Tourism Tina Zoidze.