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International Birdwatching Festival

International Birdwatching Festival

Every year, in September the International Birdwatching Festival is held in Adjara. Foreign experts, volunteers and tourists from different countries will come to the region to watch the massive migration of raptors and other birds on the East Black Sea shore. Within the framework of the festival various field seminars, lectures and entertaining excursions are held by Georgian and foreign specialists in the bird watching areas such as Chorokhi delta, Chaisubani and Sakhalvasho villages, Batumi Boulevard, Batumi Port and Kolkheti National Park.

One of the most popular directions of eco-tourism – Birdwatching has got a high potential in Adjara. The Black Sea coast, particularly, the vicinity of Batumi is known as the “Eastern Black Sea Migration Corridor”. More than 1 000 000 raptors migrate through the corridor annually and the area has one of the highest volume of raptor migration. It, actually, ranks third in the world and for that reason, it attracts more and more tourists and scientists from different countries.

The Festival has been held in the region since 2012 and it contributes to the development of the birdwatching tourism in Adjara and conservation of migrating raptors.

The festival is organized by the Tourism Product Development Agency of Department of Tourism and Resorts of A.R. of Adjara.