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The number of travelers in Mountainous Adjara increased by 124%

The number of travelers in Mountainous Adjara increased by 124%

The number of visitors in Mountainous Adjara has increased. Over the last years, the eco and tourist routes at Adjara villages were covered by 244 478 travelers, a 124% increase compared to 2017. Travel statistics was prepared by the Tourism Product Development Agency on the basis of the information provided by catering, accommodation and leisure facilities.

In 2018, the most visited destination appeared to be Kobuleti Municipality, it was visited by 104,702 tourists, that is 38 % more than in 2017. During their stay most travelers went to see national parks and tourist attractions. The number of visitors also increased in Khelvachauri Municipality. Last year, 27,157 tourists traveled on Machakhela and Mirveti tourist routes, that is 112% more, compared to previous years.

+38% - Kobuleti tourist route
+112% - Khelvachauri tourist route
+12% - Keda tourist route
+31% - Khulo tourist route
+26% - Shuakhevi Tourist route
In total, in 2018, the family-hotels of mountainous Adjara were visited by 139% more tourists compared to the previous years. The tourist services included accommodation, food and some masterclasses for the guests.

“The number of visitors in Mountainous Adjara has been essentially growing year by year which means that Adjara is associated not only with sea. Tourists visit all the places we have been promoting over the last years. Our main tendency is the development of eco and village tourist routes, creation of new, interesting destinations, holding thematic festivals, organizing info tours for guides and tourist agencies and the popularization of mountainous Adjara”, stated the director of the Tourism Product Development Agency, Tinatin Zoidze.