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Charter flights from Vilnius to Batumi

Charter flights from Vilnius to Batumi

This year, charter flights from Vilnius to Batumi will be operated.  The representatives of the tour operator “Teztour”, which is going to launch flights from September, together with the members of about 20 tourist companies are getting acquainted with tourism possibilities of Adjara. The Chairman of Adjara AR Government, Tornike Rizhvadze and the head of Adjara Tourism Department, Sulkhan Ghlonti met Lithuanian guests and discussed the importance of direct flights, friendship and cooperation between the two countries.

“It is important to find new tourist flows from strategic countries and tourist markets. We closely cooperate with Lithuania in terms of publicity and communication. In autumn we are going to have direct charter flights and I am sure our plans will be successfully implemented”, stated the chairman of Adjara Government at the meeting.

The presentation on the region’s tourism products was carried out for the guests during the meeting. Lithuania is one of the main target countries for Adjara, where our department implements marketing and online advertising campaigns. Last year, 33% more international visitors traveled from Lithuania to Adjara.

“The market diversification is of great interest to us. We have already made certain steps in this regard. This time, we are hosting info-tour from Lithuania. Our main goal is to simplify entry and exit issues between Batumi and the target countries and to promote more charter flights from European countries, as we have done regarding Estonia and Lithuania. Apart from incomes, more European tourists in Adjara promote multicultural tourism. Batumi stands out of the tourist destinations because it represents a kind of  meeting place for cultures”, - stated the head of the Adjara Tourism Department, Sulkhan Ghlonti.

The info-tour from Lithuania was organized by the Adjara Tourism Department and the tourist company – “Adjara Tour”. In 2018-2019, in the framework of info and press tours, the Adjara Tourism Department hosted more than 1000 representatives of media and tourist companies.