Sea Tourism

Sea Tourism

What does a coastal region remind you of in the first place? There’s no need to argue that seaside resorts are what comes to your mind first – with good infrastructure and with endless opportunities for leisure as well as for entertainment. Adjara seaside is with the subtropical climate, 21-kilometer long coastline, the warm sea of 21-29 Celsius on average, comfortable atmosphere and distinctive nature. Besides leisure, Batumi resort has solar therapy and sea-salt baths to offer. The city is permeated with the scent of the sea, acacia, and magnolias. Even in the coldest month of the year – January, the temperature doesn’t go lower than +7-10 degrees which is why you may visit Batumi at any time of the year.

  • Kobuleti:

Kobuleti is the resort in Georgia with the closest alignment to the shoreline. It is distinguished by the historical sites, mild subtropical climate, ionized air, pine tree hedgerows, glaring sunshine and warm sea. Its pebbled, wide beach is tilted towards the sea. With its humid, subtropical climate Kobuleti is one of the best health and leisure destinations with ideal conditions for heliotherapy, or treating bone and joint diseases, as well as bronchial asthma, lymphatic gland, heart and blood vessel illnesses. Beach infrastructure in Kobuleti is well-kept. Along the shoreline cafes, bars and various types of water parks are operating. In shoreline hedgerows, one can enjoy myriad summer bungalows, restaurants, and sports facilities.

Tsikhisdziri resort stretches to the north of Batumi and 17 km away from the city, at an altitude of 60-90 above sea level. The fusion of mountain and sea air in Tsikhisdziri has healing properties for respiratory tract and nervous system functional diseases. Winter is warmer and summer is cooler here compared to Batumi and Makhindjauri. Green slopes of the resort are covered with citrus orchards, tea plantations, and bamboo hedgerows. Today on lush green slopes of Tsikhisdziri, in its beautiful gardens and parks, holiday cottages, restaurants and cafes are nestled. The beach here is well-kept and micro-tour vehicles run regularly at one’s convenience.

13 km further from Batumi, Chakvi resort is located. It is the motherland of Georgian tea where the tea plant was first introduced by a Chinese scientist Lao Jin Jao. Those who are interested in birdwatching may observe the migration of predatory birds from Chakvi’s Chaisubani village birdwatching platform. Hotels and cottages in lush green Chakvi are very popular amongst the visitors of Adjara.

Mtsvane Kontskhi or Green Cape is one of Georgia’s most beautiful seaside resorts. It is situated 9 km away from Batumi and 70-92 meter above sea level. Batumi botanical garden which is listed amongst Europe’s most versatile and richest gardens grows on Mtsvane Kontskhi and is frequented by thousands of visitors. Mtsvane Kontskhi coastline is the best option for swimming, sunbathing and diving.

  • Makhindjauri:

Makhindjauri is a balneological resort, situated 5 km from Batumi and 15-25 meter above sea level which rises and reaches up to 1000-1300 meters. To the north MtsvaneKontskhi borders Makhindjauri. Compared to Batumi, winter is warmer and summer is cooler here. Mineral waters of Makhindjauri, famous for their healing properties have been used by the locals since the beginning of XX century. The first scientific tests of the local water were conducted in 1912 here. Afterwards, bathhouses were built and the grounds for the history of the Makhindjauri balneological resort were laid. To those interested in health tourism, Makhindjauri offers treatment for their respiratory tract (except for tuberculosis and bronchial asthma), blood and vessel diseases, urinary tract (chronic prostatitis), nervous system, gynecological, endocrine system illnesses and metabolic disorders.

Sarpi is located to the south of Batumi, 18 km away from the city, right next to Georgian-Turkish border checkpoint. Average water temperature here reaches +25 Celsius while its climate represents a blend of sea breeze and mountain air. Sarpi is particularly popular amongst those who fancy coastal leisure. Local hotels and hostels are aligned along Sarpi shoreline and the transparent sea is home to compelling underwater world. Besides enjoying the beautiful seaside, here you can visit Sarpi Lazian Ethnographic Museum as well as the historic church of St. Andrew the First-Called which was built with ancient construction technique.

  • Kvariati:

Kvariati is situated 15 km to the South of Batumi, near the border between Georgia and Turkey. Like Sarpi, Kvariati boasts transparent sea-water and the fascinating underwater world. Humid and subtropical seaside climate is an appealing feature of the place, especially for those who prioritize health tourism and are seeking treatment for diseases of nervous system or heart and vessel illnesses.