Visit the unforgettable performance of dolphins, which is held at Batumi Dolphinarium. First opened in 1975, this facility was one of the largest dolphinariums in the world. It was the boundless popularity of this location that led to the establishment of Dolphin as a city symbol. Today's Dolphinarium is a building of modern design, with the latest opportunities for artificial preservation of marine mammals and amazing performances. The Dolphinarium Amphitheater is designed for 887 spectators. The infrastructure includes services for people with special needs with ramps and elevators.

The dolphin demonstration program is a cognitive spectacle saturated with elements of the show that takes place in any weather. Eight dolphins take part in the Georgian and English-language show - Nini, Bellucci, Zoro, Marco, Batu, Lola, Tsitsi and his daughter Olympia take care of creating a positive mood for the audience. Up to 30 activities are presented: various dances, playing with rings and balls, balance on the tail, unforgettable Foot Push and other impressive stretches.

For a specific period, you can see the schedule of the planned show at the link: www.dolphinarium.ge

Online tickets: tickets.dolphinarium.ge/