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Discover another Ajara

Discover another Ajara

If your goal during your visit in Ajara is only sunbathing, this article is for you. Ajara of all four seasons will be a discovery for you because this fascinating part of Georgia was always associated only with seaside holiday by tourists. Many of you are probably not even aware that Ajara is rich not only in seaside resorts but summer and winter mountainous resorts as well, with wonderful nature and national parks. Our article will really help you on new findings. 


It’s not a novelty that Ajara is distinguished region for its seaside resorts but two unique summer – winter resorts, located in highlands of the region, can be a real discovery for many people. Resort Beshumi and Goderdzi in Khulo region are located at an altitude of 2000-2200 meters and are the best places for leisure and activities. The combination of Alpine and coniferous plants is favorable circumstance for implementing equestrian and adventure tours, for tourist activities like: camping, horse-riding. Unlike Beshumi, Goderdzi resort is especially attractive in winter for its ski slopes. High snow cover at the resort from late autumn till the end of April will make your winter holiday sportily active. 


Four unique protected areas of Ajara are a real discovery for ecotourism lovers. Mtirala, Kintrishi, Machakhela National Parks and Ispani Marsh are creating magnificent environment for adventurous by its bio variety and pristine natural treasures. Tasting local dishes, listening to folklore and visiting historical-cultural sights while travelling at protected areas is an additional pleasure for those who seek indelible impressions and positive emotions.

Khikhani Gorge

Beautiful Khikhani Gorgeis a real paradise for adventure, hiking, gastronomic and cultural sight lovers. Traditional Ajarian houses scattered across a wide area of the region at an altitude of 1180 meters where the culture and the recent past of the region revives in front of the travelers. Marvelous gorge is rich in historical castles, waterfalls and cultural monuments. Khikhani Castle of XII-XIII centuries, Skhalta Monastery, local cuisine and folklore are deemed to be the visit card of the gorge. 

Wine route in Ajara

Taking wine rout in Ajara high mountainous for discovering rich Ajarian cuisine and unique local wine varieties by is actual at any time of the year. Wine cellars located in several villages of Keda municipality are surrounded by beautiful nature where you can taste local wine production “Chkhaveri” and “Tsolikauri” and local delicious dishes as well.  Those who wish to get acknowledged with gastronomic wealth of the region and wide variety of wines must visit Vaio, Pirveli Maisi, Saghoreti, Gegelidzeebi and Dandalo villages. 

Fall festivals

Ajara is especially pampered by festivals and different cultural-entertaining events at summer tourist season, however visitors of the region are expected to have various interesting events in the fall as well. Batumi International Art-House Film Festival BIAFF, fall festival “Gandagana”, festival of animated films “Topuzi”, Birdwatching International and Eliso Bolkvadze musical festivals are offering a real celebration to the visitors of Ajara. Except festivals guests will be allowed to attend public holidays of the fall “Machakhloba”, “Kedeloba” and “Mekheveoba” and get acquainted with culture and traditions of high mountainous Ajara. 

Ajara tourism information centers are always ready to assist you in planning your tourism route. They can be found everywhere in cities and municipalities. If you are too busy to visit TICs, call on the following hotline number 577  90 90 93 and begin discovering still unknown Ajara. For further information, 

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