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6 Reasons Why You Should Visit Batumi in Springtime

6 Reasons Why You Should Visit Batumi in Springtime

Cold and gloomy winter days have already passed and it’s time to pack your suitcase and meet spring arrival in Batumi. Warm and sunny days will give you chance to browse Batumi completely which unites old and new architecture, ancient traditions and innovations.



# 1. Batumi Boulevard

You can take a walk at Batumi Boulevard, you can enjoy the flavors of newly blossomed magnolia and Camellia, as well as dancing fountains and cafe-lounges which are situated at the whole coastline of boulevard.


# 2. Bike Riding

You can admire coastline with bicycle as well – in a very brief time you will look through the whole coastline and enjoy fascinating views of the Black Sea.


# 3. Batumi Botanical Garden

If you prefer resting in nature the best choice for you is Batumi Botanical Garden the flora of which will definitely astonish you with its diversity - here you will observe more than 5000 species of plants from totally different climatic and landscape zones.


# 4. Hiking

Mtirala National park, Kintrishi reserved territory, Khikhadziri gorge with marvellous views, ancient fortresses, unique flora and fauna are waiting for those loving hiking.


 # 5. Adjarian Cuisine

Adjarian dishes are inseparable part of the world famous Georgian cuisine especially Adjarian Khatchapuri. Amazing culinary diversity awaits here for Gourmets, but neither lovers of alcoholic drinks will be disappointed. One of the basic hearths of winery is Adjara and here you may degust unique species of wine “Tsolikauri from Keda” and “Chkhaveri”.


# 6. Goderdzi Ski Resort

and if you still feel winter nostalgia and are not tired of snow and skiing you can visit skiing resort Goderdzi. Resort at 2000 meters from sea level offers you perfect conditions for relaxation, pure climate, and spectacular views, amazing nature landscapes and well equipped ski slopes.