The Black Sea Coast, and the surroundings of Batumi in particular, are known as "Eastern Black Sea Migration Corridor". More than 1 000 000 raptors migrate through the corridor annually and the area has one of the highest volume of raptor migration in the world. The unique topography and climate of the region attract myriad migrating birds. Needless to say, Batumi is a must-visit location for birdwatchers.

Villages Sakhalvasho and Chaisubani are located in Kobuleti municipality. Both of them are the best places for those, who share information about ecology and migration of raptors. The marked routes lead visitors directly to equipped platforms for bird watching). Despite these villages, bird watching is also possible in Mtirala National Park, Ispani Bog (Kobuleti protected areas) and Chorokhi delta (Khelvachauri municipality)

Since 2012 year, "Batumi Bird Festival" Annually held in Ajara Region. It is important event for bird watchers and many foreigners visit Ajara region in September for the Festival. The idea of festival belongs to the international environment protection organization BRC (Batumi Raptor Count) and it is supported by the Department of Tourism and Resorts of Ajara.